In the ancient world, the oracle was considered a divinity, a source of good advice and prophecies. By interrogating the oracle, humans would find answers about their lives, their choices and their future. Urban Oracle is a contemporary oracle who bases his knowledge on a cloud distributed database. Urban Oracle is a site-specific light installation, a sentient and sensitive sculpture in constant dialogue with the viewers.

  • Category:Interactive Light Installation
  • Date:2021
  • Creative coding: Giulio Pernice
  • Light design assistant:Laura Arcangeli, Bogdan Melinte

A contemporary divination form based on a cloud distributed database

Urban Oracle was installed for the first time at “Uno Nessuno Centocelle” Festival in Rome. The installation displays the words that describe the general feeling of Centocelle and its inhabitants. A shared database of words that will make the installation a magnificent show of lights. The artwork is linked to the activities taking place in the area of Centocelle, the colors that characterize it are the transformation of the real-time data of the activities taking place in the district.