A luminous and sonorous message will illuminate each evening from the dusk of December 16 to the night of January 7, 2024, connecting the community of Campiglia Marittima to the surrounding mountains. Visible from the ancient fortress and throughout the valley, the Land Art installation ECO by Ultravioletto stems from the idea of blending light with the sounds of the territory and the daily work activities carried out in the limestone quarry of Monte Calvi. It creates an intangible pathway, uniting the pulsating heart of the mountain with the ancient walls of the Fortress, erected to protect the village.

Produced by Cave di Campiglia SPA, with the endorsement of the Municipality of Campiglia Marittima and ISIA Roma Design, the project conceived by Ultravioletto materializes into a powerful collective vision. This vision harmoniously blends the sounds of nature with the echoes of industrial history, in line with the ongoing research conducted by the design studio. The exploration of the relationship between man and technology is central to their work, which involves the creation of unconventional aesthetic experiences.

From the peaks that overlook the quarry, a laser beam spanning over 3 km reaches the summit of the ancient fortress, casting light – within medieval spaces – on a monumental luminous sphere. This sphere, changing in color and intensity, disseminates the sounds gathered from the mountain. An ethereal but persistent luminescence emerges from the depths of the earth, revealing a celestial epiphany: light becomes a bearer of a message where the field recordings from the quarry and those captured in the woods converge – and echo – in a luminous embrace.

Human labor, atmospheric agents, and all the forces contributing to the modification and shaping of the environment blend into a luminous medium that captures their frequencies and projects them, tracing a path that connects the mountain to the Ancient Fortress. Here, the sounds of the quarry mingle with the songs of birds, the rustling of leaves, and other sounds of wildlife, creating a synthesized melody that – synchronized with the light – spreads through the air, evoking the profound connection between humans and the ecosystem of which they are a part.

  • Client: Cave di Campiglia S.p.A.
  • Patronage: Comune di Campiglia Marittima, ISIA
  • Sound design:Ipologica
  • Technical partner: Laser Entertianment, Stagelight
  • Set-up:Eventi Italiani
  • Shooting:Crippi
  • Date:2023