The mycelium represent an example of “natural intelligence” which has overcome geological eras during the evolution of the planet earth. An example to follow and to be inspired to develop other intelligences and artificial communication systems, a point of reference that is literally before our eyes.

With this work we want to enlighten the possibility of having new intelligences, not only artificial or natural, but a synthesis of both. There are many possibilities and the digital environment and its expressions are only a part of a wider system that has an infinitely higher degree of complexity. Just look a little further down.

The installation looks like an intricate network of pipes filled by bioluminescent liquid.The heart of the installations are the bioluminescent spheres where the liquid is exchanged and mixed.

The light patterns that are created are in sync with the soundtrack that expands over the affected area. The audio-visual show turns out to be immersive and very engaging where the viewers finds himself in front of a mycelium that communicates with the surrounding nature by producing the soundscape.

  • Date:2024
  • Category: site specific light installation