Pentesilea is the recording project of Valentina Mignogna, a performer, songwriter and composer. On April 5, 2023 the video “Pulizie di primavera” was released, the single by Pentesilea which anticipated the release of the debut album “Pezzi”. Ultravioletto made the music video using artificial intelligence such as Stable Diffusion to generate and process all the frames of the video clip.

“ The process for making the video started from the most classic of questions, how can we convey the emotions and feelings contained in the lyrics of a song through images? We thought that using AI’s “text2image” would be an interesting process. The shots were made as neutral as possible, where Valentina almost seems to confess herself in front of the camera, without veils, looking into our eyes. Then we divided the text into “Prompts” to be submitted to the artificial intelligence which gave us back the visual scenarios. The possibility of creating your own models greatly facilitates the process of obtaining the right result, even if the answers of the AI are always unpredictable. In the video there is a central theme that keeps on evolving and variating subtly by underlining the text changes. We wanted to achieve the subtle illusion that the inner world, enclosed in the lyrics of the song, manifests itself inside, on the skin, and on the face of Valentina and that these visual confessions could free her from pain.”

  • Client: Pentesilea, Ipologica Records
  • Date: spring 2023
  • Category: AI, generative art