k11 is a brand of Art Mall focused on three core values, Art, People and Nature. K11 is the perfect combination between art and commerce, a business model based on the museum retail concept, alongside offices and residences in Greater China.
The k11 Art Mall in Wuhan inaugurated in 2021 and it’s merged in the urban life with art, reshaping the traditional commercial DNA, and fostering the integration of business and art, bringing a brand-new museum-retail experience to consumers in central China. This interactive light installation is placed near the entrance of the space, an artwork made to welcome the visitors and invites them to play with the inner child in all of us. The installation consists of 20 golden airplanes countered by led strips. The sequential blinking of the lights along the airplane’s path is triggered via a sensor by the visitor walking next to it.The installation tries to bring out the playfulness of a thrown paper plane. It is easy to imagine a child running beside the path of the installation turning on all the lighting and creating a fun light animation effect.

  • Client: k11 Art Mall
  • General Contractor: The Output agency
  • Date: January - 2021