The “Balloon Museum” is one of the most successful new concept museums in the world. It’s a roadshow that has reached hundreds of thousands of visitors in the locations where it is present. Balloon Museum is a format created by a curatorial team that designs and realizes contemporary art exhibitions with specific works in which ‘air’ is a distinctive element. A journey through out-of-scale installations with unexpected shapes in which the interaction with viewers is placed at the center of the experience.
For the Balloon Museum, Ultravioletto have created a VR experience titled “Into The Rainbow,” which is part of the visitor’s journey. Concept: The rainbow is the realm of dreams, a colorful POP universe where anything can happen. “Into the Rainbow” is a journey through the rainbow, composed of 7 dreamlike scenarios like the colors that make it up. A POP journey into fantastic and metaphysical imaginaries that will give us a unique experience.

  • Client: Balloon Museum
  • Date:2023
  • 3D Developer: Why