Feed my Emotions is the new interactive exhibit made by Ultravioletto in collaboration with the artist Michal Zemel for Explora children’s museum. Kids live emotions with great intensity, and for this matter it is fundamental to teach them how to not get overwhelmed. Feed my Emotions is an engaging and interactive way of explaining emotions to its audience.The exhibit is based on the theory of the wheel of Emotions by Robert Plutcik. This “Emotions knowledge” means not only giving words to feelings, but also understanding the differences and the relations between them and how they evolve and change in time. Interacting with the installation is very simple thanks to facial recognition technology, particularly with  the emotional tracking of who interacts. The animation and the visual elements to interact with are simple and colorful shapes that refer to the emotion being displayed. Feed my Emotions is now part of the permanent collection of the museum Explora  

  • Client:
  • Date: 2022
  • Credits: special thanx to Michal Zemel and Davide Carbone for coding the emotions