Eni is one of the world leaders in energy production. The company, aware of the ongoing climate emergency, intends to play an active role in the energy sector’s virtuous path to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2050, in order to limit average global warming within the 1.5°C threshold at the end of the century. We created an interactive engagement with an educational purpouse, to raise awareness among the youth about the COP26 and showacse Enis strategy to combat the climate change. The game is based on simple gestures, intuitive, and fun,it also takes into account the anti covid guidelines by having a touchless game experience. A sensor tracks the movement of the swipe of the hand and rotates the 3d world, on which various objects have to fall in their proper location. A unique, timed and fun game developed and tailored to the client needs

  • Client:Eni
  • Date: summer - 2021
  • Creative coding: Giulio Pernice
  • Production: Triumph agency