National Museum of Manfredonia

Interactive installations and VR solution for the new permanent exhibition

The National Museum of Manfredonia is located in one of the most beautiful historical places in Italy, the castle of Federico II. A museum that hosts historical artefacts from all over Puglia. In 2016 the exhibition has been completely updated with interactive solutions that made the visitor experience something unique.

Three installation have been made. A virtual reality solution that allows the visitors to explore a Neolithic hypogeum inaccessible to the public. The second installation we called the ‘talking vases”: reproductions of Neolithic vases, equipped with motion sensors and a sound system. These vases, tell a story from ancient tales that still live in this interactive solution. At last, an interactive display case where the plexiglas overlapping sheets, tell the story of the geological stratification area in relations with the archaeological finds.

  • Client:¬†Openlab Company
  • Date:¬† 2016
  • Category:¬†Interactive and VR solutions