Fondazione Carla Fendi – Neural Mirror

inside the gaze of artificial intelligence

Neural Mirror is the interactive installation we made for Fondazione Carla Fendi at Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto (30 June – 14 July, 2019). An innovative work about the new technologies that will dominate the future. The project focuses on visual reflection and Artificial Intelligence is the protagonist. The visitor is scanned and transformed into a cloud of points by an algorithm. Sex, physical characteristics, emotional states are all registered: the physical body translates into a flow of information reworked in real time by the AI. (photos copyright owned by Cristina Vatielli).

  • Client: Fondazione Carla Fendi
  • Date:  2019
  • Category: art installation
  • Credits: creative coding Giulio Pernice, sound design Mario Salvucci, Vincenzo Pedata light design assistant, Carlo Cifarelli plotter engineering.