Absolute Vodka – Mapping Sculpture

Interactive projection mapping sculpture made of vodka bottles

Interactive projection-mapped sculpture installation made for Absolut Vodka and commissioned by Effetti Digitali Italiani, presented to the “Club to Club International Festival of Music & Arts” in Turin (5-9 November 2014). The installation consists of an interactive projection mapping on a structure made of vodka bottles from the “Warhol” limited edition. We made it interactive by using a midi keyboard controller, where each sample activated a specific set of bottles. A webcam took up the face of the visitors that was projected on the structure itself, with real time video effects. Managed by TouchDesigner and projection mapped by Ableton, a webcam acquired each user experience saving an audio/video file shared by Absolute Vodka on their social media.

  • Client: Absolut Vodka
  • Date:  2014
  • Category: Interactive Installation
  • Credits: EDI (effetti digitali italiani) project management